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Top sale solar kits in China

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:3710 Editor in charge:OLYS factory Release date:2018-01-26

Solar kits is not only environmentally friendly, but also to save money and make money, as many families essential supplies. Photovoltaic power generation design life of 25 years, if you want to make photovoltaic power generation benefits to achieve better, longer life expectancy, good post-maintenance must not be ignored, the family's power station maintenance is relatively simple, today for everyone under the system Family photovoltaic power plant maintenance methods.

一,the maintenance costs

Home-made solar photovoltaic systems, generally less than 10KW system maintenance costs are almost negligible, if more than 10KW of photovoltaic power plants, you can budget 1% -3% of the total investment in the maintenance costs.

二,component cleaning

Component Maintenance is performed on the parts requiring periodic inspection according to the product's supplier's instruction manual.

1, The surface of the PV module should be kept clean, but do not wash it too often. The surface of the PV module has a self-cleaning effect and will regularly wash away the dust on the surface. Frequent washing will not only not significantly increase the amount of power generation, but also cause a waste of water resources.

2, in order to avoid electric shock damage and the possibility of damaging the components under high temperature and strong light, it is best to clean the components in the morning or afternoon. It is recommended to clean the glass surface with a soft brush, clean mild water , Cleaning efforts to be small, to avoid damage to the glass surface, coated glass components should be taken to avoid damage to the glass layer.

三,inverter maintenance

1, regularly check the inverter wiring is solid, the insulation performance of the circuit is all normal, with or without damage, in particular, to check whether the normal operation of the inverter fan.

2, the inverter alarm shutdown, you can not immediately boot, you must first carefully check the cause of the malfunction, the device is damaged, the power module has breakdown breakdown phenomenon, identify the cause and then boot. Once again boot uncertain, should report to the maintenance center, operation and maintenance station or local

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