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OLYS Company news

Home system is selected polycrystalline silicon or monocrystalline silicon----Shenzhen OLYS technology

After choose solar charge controller , many people confused to select polycrystalline silicon or monocrystalline silicon. So there are some data give you reference , then you will have answer in your heart.

Solar charge controller question

Solar charge controller function

Solar charge controller including solar system charge controller , solar light controlelr . When refer to solar charging method , there split solwr pwm charger and mppt charger. In this article , I am give you the answer of whats the function of solar charge.

MPPT controller question

Dual rechargeable solar RV regulater

There have been 4 generations of solar RV controllers, ranging from simple switch mode charging controllers to PWM single channel controllers and PWM dual channel charge controllers to the current MPPT two seater Controllers, Olys Technology Technicians constantly update new technologies to meet the growing consumer demand. Today to introduce the double charged RV regulater

Solar light controller question

Solar lights controller into the new countryside

The new solar street lamp is powered by crystalline silicon solar cells, maintenance-free valve-regulated sealed batteries (gel batteries) store energy, ultra-bright LED lamps as a light source, and controlled by a solar street light controller for the street instead of the traditional public electricity lighting

Solar kits question

What is charging technology in solar portable kits

The key of the solar kits quality is how to charging power quickly and safety, This is directly related to the built-in charging circuit. A low quality charging module often leads to can not charge, full of dissatisfaction, or overcharge caused battery damage or explosion, resulting in adverse effects. Here are some common ways to make an introduction to charging