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OLYS Solar: New Model Name, New Standard

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:4629 Editor in charge:OLYS Release date:2017-11-22

OLYS Solar: New Model Name, New Standard

In order to name new MPPT controller model match to company normal standard, and also want to help our customers clear identify different product, From June.30th, 2017, SHENZHE OLYS COMPANY LIMITED changed their solar MPPT series controller model name as follows:

First: Here is the rule for name MPPT5012A-DUO Solar RV Regulator:

MPPT----charge technology MPPT;

50----Max solar panel voltage to controller: 50V;

12-----Max charge current to battery: 12A;

A----Only adapt 12V system;  

B----Only adapt 24V system

Blank(not A or B)-----12V/24V automatic adapt;

DUO----Double battery charge;

No DUO that’s mean One battery charge;

MPPT controller

Second: Following final Changed model name:

1. MT165DUO changed to be: MPPT5012A-DUO

2. MT350DUO changed to be MPPT5025A-DUO

3. MPPT20 changed to be MPPT10020

4.MPPT7515 (keep same as before)  

5.MPPT7510 (keep same as before)

OLYS Solar, Your Trustworthy Solar Regulator Factory

SHENZHE OLYS COMPANY LIMITED, specializes in the development, production and sales of solar charge controller. Based on our 12 years experience, we have good reputation in domestic and oversea.

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