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What's the MPPT controller

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:629 Editor in charge:OLYS factory Release date:2017-12-13

What's the MPPT controller

Sales and customers introduce the product, we will talk about the controller charging method. Different charging methods, the price of solar light controller with mppt charging is also different.

The current controller on the market mainly switching mode charging mode, PWM charging mode, and MPPT charging controller.The MPPT controller is expensive and the customer must understand why it is high and what is the difference with a normal controller and what are the benefits of using the MPPT controller.

MPPT controller in the raw materials, performance, function and PWM charging controller what are the advantages. Using the MPPT controller can increase the efficiency of 30% of the solar energy,

which is the same solar panel, the MPPT controller can be 1.3 times the product charge current, so that the battery can charge faster.The working principle of the MPPT controller is that the MPPT controller tracks the maximum power point in the solar panel in real time to maximize the efficiency of the solar panel.

The higher the voltage, the maximum power tracking, you can output more power, thereby enhancing the charging efficiency. In theory, a solar PV system using a MPPT controller can be up to 50% more efficient than conventional, but with our actual tests the final efficiency can be increased by 20-30% due to  the surrounding environment and various energy losses .

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